The Maropeng Visitor Centre is an exciting, world-class exhibition, focusing on the development of humans and our ancestors over the past few million years.
On arrival, you will see a massive burial mound called the Tumulus, which is your entrance to learning the secrets of our ancestry.
Adventure: Tour 2500m² of exhibits with an underground boat ride.
Award winning: Winner of the 2008 Tourist Attraction category at the South African Tourism Welcome Awards and many others.
Intriguing: See fossils, learn about how humankind was born, view stone tools up to 1-million years old, and much more.
Interactive: Ideal for children, the Maropeng Visitor Centre is self-guided and highly interactive.
Get the most out of the Cradle: Combination tickets are available for visitors who want to see the Sterkfontein Caves as well. Call: 014 577-9000 for more info.

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