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In Episode 1 of this series, mention was made of the agro-pastoralists (farmers who grew crops and kept livestock) who moved into the Magaliesberg region in about 225 AD. Scholars have categorised them as people of the "early iron age", as they possessed and made use of the technology needed for smelting and forging iron in order to make tools and weapons. They did not, however, build the more sophisticated settlements which were characteristic... Read more

Oasis has reopened offices and curio shop once again to our faithful clients and the public on Saturdays from between 9:00 am to 12:00 midday. We are an approved establishment allowing for imports and exports, enabling us to accommodate all your requirements including access to our quarantine facilities. Regarding hides and skins from cities animals, permits will need to be produced before they will be processed. Oasis is an exotic tannery, tanning hides and skins either into fur or leather to suit our...
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