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If you've been looking for a 'sign' to plan a road-trip getaway to explore somewhere new, this is it! And nothing beats getting outdoors to share an awe-inspiring experience with friends and family.

Adventurous activities like zip lining take you out of your comfort zone, create meaningful memories and provide a profound sense of accomplishment. Located in a range of pristine... Read more

Wellness and Conservation are key to Redhub  Values.
Redhub events are hosted at Cradle Moon Lakeside Game lodge. A reserve with conservation as a basis. Participants compete in nature amongst Zebras, Antelope Giraffe and many other wild Species. Entry fees incorporate a conservation fee, used to preserve this pristine venue and the nature surrounding it.
Redhub associates itself...
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Those visiting the Feathered Nest for a private getaway, for a romantic interlude or for an executive relax and destress weekend away, interacting with owls can be a part of it.  Many people, birders included, appreciate the interaction and consider it special.

Injured or juvenile owls come into our care and we nurture them till it is the right time to release them back into the wild. Some of those owls recently released... Read more

The holiday's are finally here so if you need some R&R with a side order of exhilaration then get outdoors and come earn your wings with us! Spots are already filling up fast so be sure to book early to avoid being stranded 'offline'.

Even if you've ziplined before, every 'flight' is different: you'll meet new people,... Read more