Oasis has reopened offices and curio shop once again to our faithful clients and the public on Saturdays from between 9:00 am to 12:00 midday.
We are an approved establishment allowing for imports and exports, enabling us to accommodate all your requirements including access to our quarantine facilities.
Regarding hides and skins from cities animals, permits will need to be produced before they will be processed.
Oasis is an exotic tannery, tanning hides and skins either into fur or leather to suit our clients requirements.

Hobbyists are most welcome to purchase directly from the factory, we do make veg tanned leather in different thicknesses including shoe uppers and any other leathers.
Not only do we tan the skins, we offer a service in manufacturing the most beautiful hand crafted products out of our clients skins, whether fur or leather, or a combination of the two.
We have an array of different products to choose from. eg : Gun bags, belts, carpets, hand bags, cushions, ottomans, lap top bags, backpacks, coasters, placemats, key rings and many more.
Our clients can have peace of mind when purchasing our products if they are traveling abroad. We will supply the necessary certificates for each product or tanned skin whether fur or leather.

Please bear in mind that no certificates will be issued for skins that have not been tanned by OASIS.

So give us a call at 011 416 2270/88

Debbie Hoffman orders@oasistanning.co.za (handbag orders)

Andre andre@oasistanning.co.za

David Minisi david@oasistanning.co.za  (leather orders)



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