Meet Kevin the bushbaby. He was brought to The Feathered Nest Guest Farm on Saturday 30 November 2019.  He was found by a family member in their house in Rustenburg. Must have been dropped by his mother or brought in by the cat. Being the amazing family that they are they rose to the challenge of saving and raising him. After six weeks Kevin is on solids, which comprises  fruit,  meal worms, various bugs, and is eating on his own.  The family decided it was time for him to move on to the next stage of his life.  They contacted the local vet who gave them our number as we do a lot of rehabilitation and release of various animals and birds from the farm. 

So now Kevin has settled down and we will be making him a box to sleep in and a cage in the bar area for him to commute between/habituate himself and home in to that area. Once he is larger and more confident, the cage will be removed and Kevin will be free to roam. Any beers he drinks will be on the house😊

If you want to meet Kevin feel free to book a stay at the Feathered Nest Guest Farm.. 


Wishing you all a great 2020

Warm regards Marion & Martin  0833782735

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