Seven years ago we had the absolute pleasure of raising a little Spotted thick-knee. He did so well that when we received another and raised her too, the 2 of them paired up and made VulPro their home. They had several clutches of offspring and often came to us for treats. They moved to the neighbours when we got too busy and often came back visiting.
This week, our neighbours brought our little guy to us, on deaths door after getting stuck in their high voltage electric fence. As you can see, he was burnt around his head and eyes. He is being treated and given loads of tlc. Prognosis is guarded but he is fighting and trying to stand up. Not strong enough as yet to eat on his own but he knows he’s in safe hands.
Please hold him in your thoughts.
VulPro aim to be the leading vulture conservation programme for advancing knowledge, awareness and innovation in the conservation of African vultures.

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