Die Ou Pastorie

Delight in a wide range of Die Ou Pastorie products including:

 Frozen Meals
Beef & Red Wine Pie
 //  Duck & Cranberry Pie  //  Roast Chicken & Thyme Pie  //  Melanzane Parmigiano  //  Butter Chicken Curry  //  Lamb Rogan Josh  //  Vegan Lasagne  //  Vegan Curry  //  Country Style Bobotie  //  Cottage Pie  //  Beef Lasagne

 Decadent Desserts
Dream Malva Pudding  
//  Vegan Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake  //  Creamed Nougat  //  Nougat & Meringue Semifreddo available in various flavours: Oreo & Cream  //  Milk Tart  //  Whiskey Caramel  //  Nuttikrust & Honeycomb  //  Vanilla  //  Swiss Chocolate  //  Kahlua & Coffee  //  Salted Caramel

Pâtés & Pestos
Chicken Liver Pâtê in Plain or Peri-Peri
 //  Pecan Nut Basil Pesto  //  Chilli Relish  //  Rooibos Tea Jelly  //  Cranberry & Thyme Jelly  //  Mulled Wine Jelly  //  Jalapeño Jelly

… Available to order from us directly, or for delivery to your door courtesy of Pecan Health. Alternatively, collect any of our delectable products from the following stores:

The Islands Superspar
Broadacres Superspar
Pineslopes Superspar
Retail Crossing Superspar
Glenfair Superspar
Palm Court Superspar


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