It seems so effortless to fall in love and we believe it will last forever.
How can it then be that modern day life – the stresses imposed on us from work, your boss nagging you with deadlines, trying to raise your children, the hectic never-ending traffic can come between you and make you feel so terribly alone and lonely.
This dilemma will not solve itself and you need to take time out to be with your loved one to reconnect and rediscover the magic of your relationship – but it is not so easy when you feel trapped in your world.
The answer is to escape and the countryside where you can watch the night sky, feel the breeze caress your skin, breathe in the fresh mountain air and laugh, have fun and relax in the privacy of your own private cottage to give you the spark to rejuvenate your bond to face the world again.
Nullarbor Cottages is the perfect place with abundant birdlife – romantic indoor fireplaces and walks to the small peaceful dams. Just an hour’s drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria. Take the initiative and contact Jenny for a booking – it will be the first step on the stairway to a Romantic Heaven.
083 652 8647

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