The Van Gaalen trails cross over 30 private farms with over 80km of single-track throughout the Skeerpoort Valley. We offer opportunities for mountain biking, trail running, hiking & birding. The manicured routes are well prepared and maintained which attract many athletes to the area. Day permits and mandatory indemnity forms are available at the Trail/Farm Shop.

Hours: Wed-Fri  08:00am-17:00pm

Sat-Sun   06:00am-17:00pm (Summer)                07:00am-17:00pm (Winter)

Closed on Monday’s & Tuesday’s 


  1. Helmet, protective eye wear and cellphone are compulsory for mountainbiking.

  2. Horses have right of way, then mountain bikes

  3. No Pets/Dogs or motor bikes allowed

  4. No picnics, smoking, fire or dumping of rubbish allowed

  5. Stay on marked trail. Stay away from private grounds and houses and don’t climb over fences or make your own trail.

  6. Respect privacy and greet the landowners please

  7. Close gates if they were closed

  8. Trails are closed on race days

  9. Please report problems, blocked routes or anything strange.

  10. Right of admission reserved

  11. Use of trails only with permit and signed indemnity form

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