The Magaliesberg community mourns the loss of both Mary and Bill. Our sincere condolences to the family and company staff.  There are some big shoes for you to fill.

Doyen of the dirigibles, founders of Bill Harrop’s Original Balloon Safaris, both Mary and Bill have been amazing characters organising the flights and handing out the ‘citations of bravery’ to the many overseas tourists and visitors to the Magaliesberg area.  Their enthusiasm for life, sheer ebullience  and individual quirks will be sorely missed.  Their presence at the Magalies Meander meetings and socials were always a delight.  Bill with his twinkly eyes, ready naughty smile, trimmed beard and deer stalker hat and Mary with her wry, dry sense of humour and her readiness to berate Bill for whatever nonsenses he was conjuring up, always the solid rock to whom everyone could turn. These endearing traits will remain forever in our hearts.

We trust that their final flight was smooth and relatively painless and that they are looking down on us with fondness. 

We shall miss you both.

On a lighter note that we feel they would both enjoy…… May they soar on the wings of eagles or if they can’t find any of those at least the local Magaliesberg vultures.

Martin & Marion – The Feathered Nest     –      Ken & Byron – The Magalies Meander

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