This book is a valuable source of information about the Magaliesberg for the visitor, including the history of man in the area; from archaeological evidence thousands of years ago, to the battles fought between different groups in more recent times. The portrayal of humankind’s history in the Magaliesberg is fascinating, but it does not dominate the book to the detriment of environmental issues. The extensive descriptions of the fauna and flora of the area inspire the reader to consider the impact that man has on his environment. An entire chapter is devoted to birds and the checklist of birds in the Magaliesberg makes this book essential for all birders. The chapters on trees, mammals, reptiles and amphibians also contain extensive checklists, indicating both the scientific as well as common names. The Magaliesberg is almost 100 times older than Everest, and the chapter on the geology of the area describes how these mountains started to take shape 2,300 million years ago. Carruthers’ eloquent writing style is easy to read and grabs the reader’s attention from the start.

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