Vultures face multiple man-made threats, including but not limited to poisoning, power line collisions and electrocutions, direct harvesting for cultural beliefs, and ever decreasing foraging ranges.  Some vulture species are threatened with possible extinction within our lifetime unless we can curb the ongoing downward spiral now.

Book a visit to the Vulpro Rehab Centre or hide! Open to the public by appointment only, the Rehabilitation is situated just outside of Hartbeespoort Dam, below the Magaliesberg on a small holding totalling 9,4 hectares

At VulPro we are working towards Saving Africa’s Vultures through:

“BUY THE BOOK – Magnificent Vultures of Africa”

This beautifully photographed and narrated book on African Vultures is being sold to raise funds for the vultures in our care. Help us to help them! To purchase go to:

Call: 082 808 5113

Some populations have plummeted by over 90% in the past 30 years. 

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