Karl & Suzi Krobath have lived in Rustenburg since 1983, they had a reputable restaurant named Karl’s Bauernstube. The restaurant was a landmark just outside town, in 2005 the restaurant closed down by choice and the kitchen & business was relocated to their farm. They continued to do catering for functions. This left an empty space in the hearts of a large clientele that loved Karl’s unique menu and the warm hospitality of Suzi welcoming them into a cosy setting. This married couple have a special way of making sure that their guests feel at home and enjoy a well-prepared meal.

Karl was born & raised in Austria, his passion for cooking encouraged him to complete his qualifications in Austria. His spirit of adventure lured him to Africa. In South Africa he met Suzi and the are still married today. Karl was involved in the kitchen when Sol Kerzner opened the well-known Hillbrow hotel. He spent time in the Sunnyside hotel and then went on together with Suzi to begin their own restaurant in Pretoria. The Zottelhexe was a great success and entertained guests from 1974-1983, after which they moved to Rustenburg.

Karl & Suzi welcome you as they have prepared the table and a wonderful meal for you at Brauhaus Afrika. They love what they do and would love you to share a typical Brauhaus meal experience combined with a world-class German beer brewed on-site.

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