The Badenhorst trail is denoted by red dots and posts with directional arrows that will take you onto the slopes of the mountain. Thereafter follow red dots and cairns (small piles of rocks) and directional arrows. Starting at the graveyard, the trail takes you along the edge of the blue gums trees. The trail is lovely, winding its way through the forest and past a little stream, and then a bit of rock scrambling to get to the top of the mountain. Quite near the top, a gap between the cliffs has been fenced to stop the game from getting out. Please go around the fence and carry on up. Once you are at the cliff top there is a circular route you can follow. If you get onto the road, which is 20m north of ‘Simon’s Beacon’, and follow it for approximately 1 kilometre, look out for a cairn on the left and then follow the cairns until you come to the stone circle, origins of which may be pondered over! You may wish to spend some time exploring while you are on the top of the mountain and you are very welcome to do so. It is well worth it, as there are stunning rock formations, flora and fauna to be seen. The views are breathtaking – and to the North you will see the Buffelspoort Dam. Once you are ready to return, follow the trail all the way back to ‘Simon’s Beacon’, and climb down the same way you came up. The trail takes approximately 45 mins to an hour to reach the top.

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