Great news is that we finally released the Black Breasted Snake Eagle after its recuperation to get flight fit at Kerri’s at Vulpro in Hartbeespoort.
The bird was found floundering on our farm in December 2014. Believing it to be poisoned we immediately started treatment to flush out the poison, probably introduced by a poisoned rat. Once the Eagle regained its health and balance, it went through what we believed to be a ‘moult’, but which turned out to be a reaction to the poison. Kerri from Vulpro very kindly agreed to take it over to get flight fit as her aviaries are larger than ours, and despite the feathers continuing to break the Eagle became flight fit and was released on Sunday 27th December after 12 months of captivity. Take-off was perfect although the landing in a blue gum was a tad precarious. After about 10 mins it finally flew off to its new life. Another successful release. For more info on birding and accommodation contact Marion or El-Be on 083 378 2735

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