Get Back to Nature



Scenic beauty, abundant biodiversity and a rich history combine to make the Magaliesberg uniquely valuable for tourism and recreation as well as a focal point for nation-building – whether our ancestry is Tswana, Nguni, Boer or British, we will find roots here and every one has the right to share this heritage!

Welcome the new day with a stroll through the secluded kloof, and listen to the exquisite sounds of the wakening bush. Mamagalie Mountain Lodge has 1000 acres of private and pristine bush and mountain veldt for you to explore at your leisure. An energetic walk to the top of the mountain will give you views you only dream of, and if it is warm enough, take a dip in the pure, sparkling rock pools. The bush is a nature lover’s paradise, with numerous species of flora and fauna. Bird lovers are normally assured of sightings of the Black (Vereaux’s) Eagle and Cape Vulture, as well as an abundance of the smaller species. You are certain to enjoy absolute privacy as the lodge is only let to one party at a time. Sleeping from two to twelve people in stylish luxury, our accommodation has been described as “world class”. We allow our guests to take time away from the daily grind, as our friendly staff services the lodge.
Slow down and experience true country lifestyle with birds in abundance. Nullarbor is ideal for a city escape, honeymoons, birthdays, anniversaries and naturally – marriage proposals. We provide the perfect base from which to plan visits to the Cradle of Humankind, various game reserves, lodges or hikes through the Magaliesberg Mountains. There are safe walking trails along the dam and river and strenuous hiking trails for the more energetic. A well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle awaits with wide-open spaces, rolling mountains, superb night skies and the call of the soulful jackal and lonely hoot of the owl.
Just relax around the pool, or sit on the deck with your book or binoculars. Take a stroll and find a shady tree to shelter under for a picnic or a snooze. Intaba Thulile boasts a wide variety of fauna and flora. Take the spotting list provided on a lovely walk around the reserve and see what you can spot. Walkers and hikers alike will spend many memorable hours in happy tramping. We have a number of laid-out hiking trails for you to enjoy. Climb to the top of the mountain and walk along for incredible views and awesome rock formations. You may be lucky and see the giraffe walk by!
Explore the reserve by mountain bike! The farm roads are perfect for a lovely leisurely bike ride, away from noisy traffic. Bring your bicycles along and explore the farm. You may wish to take a picnic lunch and stop to enjoy it whilst listening to the birds twittering merrily away. For the more serious enthusiast – Intaba Thulile is situated on the well known and physically demanding Breedt’s Nek Pass, which rises from an altitude of 1440m from the farm in the south, to 1670m at the crest (stunning views of Buffelspoort Dam!) before dropping down to 1360m in the north. Now that’s good training for the Argus! 

While you are having your stroll or riding your bicycle, you will be sure to spot either the impala, rooi hartebees, nyala, giraffe, warthog, baboon, zebra, waterbuck, eland, gemsbok, or ostriches, graze in the bush and on the plains, or have a drink at the water hole.
Horse riding with a difference in the Hekpoort Valley near the foothills of the magnificent Magaliesberg Mountains. We offer horseback riding western style on “well trained, obedient calm and friendly” trail horses, with various rides in to the bushveld and mountain foothills. All the rides are accompanied by trained trail guides and a trained staff member. We have horses suitable for everyone, if you are a total beginner or an experienced rider. Western style riding is becoming more popular and Hollybrooke Farms Horse Trails is a safe place where you can learn to ride like a real cowboy and have loads of fun. For the beginner the emphasis is on a safe, relaxed and enjoyable ride on horses that will not “run away” with you. The experienced rider can choose a more “spirited horse” for a lively, exhilarating ride. We are aware of clients past bad experiences with horses that are difficult to control and for that reason we are careful to “match” rider and horse, taking into account their past riding experience. Before leaving all the inexperienced riders will have the basic horse commands explained to them. Trained trail guides and trained staff members will be close to them throughout the ride. From exciting horseback riding, to a romantic champagne picnic next to the beautiful Magalies River, a fun horseback ride and quad bike trail, a magical hot air balloon flight followed by a horseback ride and tasty picnic, a romantic valentines picnic, an exciting helicopter flight and a great midweek picnic, we have it all!
The gentle art of fly-fishing – whether you are looking at just learning the ropes or if you are already a seasoned professional, spend the day with us and experience the fishing opportunities offered at Magalies Barbus Haven! Our goal is to promote the art of fly-fishing and teach the various techniques that an individual would need to Fly-fish successfully, while promoting environmental awareness. 2.5 hr Introductory Fly-fishing Clinics are offered on a daily basis. Limit of 10 rods per day to ensure that everyone receives adequate attention. Duration of the clinic is 2,5 hours (although you will still have access to fish and picnic for the rest of the day)
Our experienced fly-fishing will teach young and old the following:
• Introduction to the conservancy and explanation of measures taken to conserve the environment.
• Overview and set up of fly fishing equipment
• Theory and practical exercise of essential casting techniques for dams, rivers and small streams
• Basic entomology (insect life cycle) lesson to understand how to select flies
• Fly-fishing on dam with guide identifying, correcting mistakes as well as providing practical tips. Private Small stream yellow fish Clinic provides guests with a personal one-on-one guided fly fishing experience. The focus is to introduce you to the advanced techniques and skills required to sight fish on a crystal clear stream for large-scale yellow fish. The Labeobarbus Marquensis is one of the most challenging indigenous fish that you can target on fly in Southern Africa. Guests should ideally have completed an introductory fly fishing clinic or be an intermediate skill level. The duration of the guiding portion is 3,5 hours and you will still have access for the rest of the day. The private small stream clinic includes:
• Theory of the large and small scale yellow fish, explaining the threats and the eco friendly efforts that are being undertaken by Yellow Fish Working Group to conserve the species.
• Theory of stream dynamics and correct psychological approach to the small stream environment.
• Inspection of insects in the river environment and selection of flies
• Set up of equipment and leaders. Including overview of knots (Albright, Needle, Blood knot, Surgeons knot, clinch knot)
• Correct catch and release techniques
• Lesson on small stream casting techniques (Roll cast and bow ‘n arrow cast)
• Practical demonstration of correct approach to spotting, identifying and targeting fish in the small stream environment.
• Sharing of local knowledge and assisting guests to try and hook/land a yellow fish.
Experience a unique eco-adventure that takes you on a journey through the ecology and geology of the second oldest mountain range in the world – estimated to be 2,400 million years old. The Magaliesberg Canopy Tour® resembles a Tarzan and Jane style adventure that essentially involves sliding from platform to platform in zigzag formation across the top of Ysterhout kloof, while stopping at each platform to admire the expansive views and surrounding ecology. Two trained guides accompany each tour ensuring your safety while, at the same time, keeping you entertained with interesting facts about the history of the range and its protected Fauna and Flora. The Magaliesberg Canopy Tour® is ideal for the individual thrill seeker and family getaways. The experience begins with a thorough safety briefing that covers the entire do’s and don’ts of the tour. After the briefing you will be kitted out with your sliding harness, safety helmet and sliding gloves. You are now ready to mount the 4×4 vehicle that will transport you up the mountain, over a distance of approximately 2 kilometres, to the drop off zone near the first platform. Look out for the resident Impala, Blue Wildebeest, Zebra, Duiker and many other indigenous animal, bird, reptile and insect species along the way – it makes the trip so much more exciting and interesting. Disembark, follow your guides on a short walk to the first platform and “let the fun begin”! The Magaliesberg range is home to a wide variety of plant, bird and animal life. With some luck you may spot a Duiker or a shy Klipspringer jumping from rock to rock. Look up and you are likely to spot our breading pair of Black Eagles circling above. Rock Rabbits (Dassies) are abundant and, depending on the time of day, they may be running around playfully or lazing in the sun on an exposed rock. Bring your cameras along as you will find yourself in natural surrounds that you have never or seldom before experienced.